How To Create The Life You Want Through Visioning

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In January 2013, I remember doing a visioning exercise that helped me create the life I've always wanted and didn't even know was possible - this exercise challenged me to think bigger, to think outside of the box, to dream, to move past fears, and get real honest about who I am and how to create a life out of what I value at my core.

This was really hard for me to do because for most of my life I was told what I should be doing, whether it be from my parents, family members, teachers, coaches, friends and society.

I always had so much structure from school, to lacrosse practice to homework to social events... I never had time to think about what I wanted in life and how I was going to create that life for myself. When I learned about this visioning exercise, it really opened my eyes to new possibilities and to live and be authentic. 


What you focus on, you create and attract in your life. Therefore, you must focus on the things that feel right to you and only you.

So follow the three steps below if you want to create the life you've always wanted!

You can do this exercise alone or with a group of friends with whom you trust and will support your dreams!

Required for this exercise:

  • Pen
  • Markers
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Pictures
  • Canvas
  • Glue Stick
  • Notebook

1. Dream as if it were 10 years in the future

First you want to get comfortable, in a seated position. Absolutely no cell phones or any other distractions. Close your eyes and begin to let your mind wander. Think about yourself and your life 10 years from today. Dream as if you are there in the present time, but it's actually 10 years from today.

Think about the moment you wake up. How old are you? How do you feel? Who do you live with, if anyone? What does your room look like and where is your home? Use your senses. What do you smell, see, taste, hear, etc.

The more present you are and the more you challenge yourself to think big, and more specific the better results you'll have.

Go through your entire day from the moment you wake up, what you do during the day, what you eat and till the time you go to bed. Include all the little details of your life.

The key hear is to remember that in the vision exercise there are absolutely NO LIMITATIONS! Anything is POSSIBILE! You have all the money you need to create what you want, you are in great health, time is on your side, you don't let fear get in the way etc. Do this dreaming for as long as you would like! Have fun with it

2. Begin free writing your day as you just saw it in your mind

Write every detail, again using all of your senses and write as if you are there experiencing it all in this very moment 10 years from today. 

3. Create a vision board that has a collection of phrases, photos, words that support your vision

This vision board will act as a reminder to stay true to you. The vision boards can be any size. Some people will put them in their bedroom, other people I know will make them small and it will fit in their wallet.

The key is to see it every single day so you don't forget. 

4. Read your vision out loud and share your vision board with someone you trust and can hold you accountable 

Its so important to share your vision and put it out in the world so you can begin to work towards those dreams! If they just stay in your mind, that's where they'll stay. So challenge yourself to share those dreams and vision and create the life you want! 

Part 2 of this exercise is goal setting. Stay tuned for how to set goals for all areas in your life from this powerful vision! 

Sydney Peyser
Sydney Peyser


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Lisa Vitiello
Lisa Vitiello

June 28, 2016

Love this Sydney!!! Thankyou!

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